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The hotel is located in the heart of Icheri-Sheher – the Old City of the Azerbaijan capital. It is not just an ancient ground here, but also a real conservation area surrounded by mighty fortress walls! This is where the legendary sights of Baku are situated:

  •  The Maiden's Tower – a former lighthouse, which rose above the Caspian Sea in the old days;
  • The Palace of the Shirvanshahs – the residence of Persian rulers;
  • The Multani Caravanserai, where merchants from India used to rest overnight in the XV century;
  • The Muhammad Mosque built in the XI century; it became an important symbol of Azerbaijan resistance.

 There is an amazing aura in the center of Baku – Neo-Moorish style side by side with Stalinist Empire style; flavorful flatbread baked in tandoor ovens, and laundry hanging in the narrow courtyards with vine-wrapped staircases. Meanwhile, the best dining establishments and cafes, shops and souvenir shops are within walking distance.

For family travel

You feel at home in our apartments! There is everything required for comfortable rest:

  •  Your own kitchen with a full set of dishes and cooking appliances – you can cook anything you wish at any time! A convenient option for families with children, budget travelers and all those who plan to learn the ropes of traditional Azerbaijani cuisine on-site;
  • compact dining area;
  • Wi-Fi;
  • baby cots (upon prior arrangement);
  • helpful bonuses: a book collection, cozy plaid blankets and many more pleasant little details.

One apartment can accommodate up to 4 guests


Design and stylish

Revelton Studios aparthotel is a place where the old city and modern Baku meet. The cozy interior is decorated in an oriental style with a traditional Azerbaijani desire for elegance. The interior seems to recreate the atmosphere of the hospitable old Baku: rich colors, spectacular decor, an abundance of textiles. The shades of the old capital are tempered with modern accents, as if reminding guests that they are in a megalopolis.

Astrology museum

Since the olden times, it has been thought that the movement of celestial bodies directly affects not only natural phenomena and historical events, but also every person’s destiny. For thousands of years, people have been observing stars, trying to foresee what awaits them in the future, and the interest in astrology as a science still hasn’t faded away.

Get a little closer to distant constellations in the museum on the hotel roof. Take a unique journey to the Ptolemy model of the world! For example, you will learn what a stationary Earth would look like if it were located in the center of the Universe. Or look at the starry sky, where the sun and the planets revolve around our planet. It will be fascinating for both adults and children – be sure to take the informative tour and take a couple of spectacular photos!


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